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Outsource data analysis


Data analysis has become a basic requirement for any type of industry.

Many companies collect a significant amount of data however they struggle to interpret them correctly or they don't have the capability in terms of knowledge or resources to perform data analysis.


Our statistical reports feature:

Clear reports prepared according to Work Instruction

Use of statistical software

GDP format

Data verification

Competitive rates

One-off or long term collaboration

Find Out below our Statistical Reports and DOWNLOAD FREE EXAMPLE

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Advanced data analysis

Get Help to determine interactions between factors with multivariate analysis. 

You will be able to answer questions such as:
•     Which factor is affecting most my process?
•     Is the impact significant?
•    Which are the best settings?
Content of the report:
•    Data integrity statement and verification
•    GDP format
•    Clear statement of the interpretation of data such as best settings
•    Regression model
•    Main effect plot
•    Counter plot
•    Surface plot
•    Data table


Capability and Control Chart

Understand the control of processes and repeatibility
The statistical report is perfect for manufacturing process. This report can be used to confirm if the improvement you made were effective
The report will contain:
•    Data integrity statement and verification of data
•    GDP format
•    Capability graphs
•    Capability indeces and interpretation
•    Control chart
•    Identification of Out of Trend and Out Of Specification
•    Rate of defect

Stability Data Analysis

Stability Data for the determination of shelf life of pharmaceutical product and routine data treatment should be analysed according to ICH guideline. 
Buy a statistical report containing
•    Data integrity steatement
•    GDP format
•    Stability data analysis according to ICH guideline
•    Plot of all the quality attributes
•    Identification of trend and determination of shelf life

Standard Data Trending

Get an overview of your data with data table and graphical representations. This customized report will contain the following
•    Data integrity statement and data verification
•    GDP Format
•    Graphical Representation
•    Data table
Depending on the data it may contain:
•    t-test
•    ANOVA
•    geographical representation
•    pivot table data analysis

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